Just like you set a goal to improve your health and fitness, building your wealth requires the same commitment, clear strategy, and consistent action. Imagine you’re standing at the starting line, ready to enhance your well-being and financial future. Are you going to take that first step towards a healthier, wealthier you, or get left behind?

Set Your Goals

In the same way you set health goals—to lose weight, to run a marathon, or to eat healthier—setting clear financial goals is crucial. Whether you’re looking to enter the real estate market, expand your investment portfolio, or secure your family’s future, the objective is to take action. Remember, in both health and wealth, action takers are the ones who see results.

Know the Workout Plan

Just as a workout plan guides you to fitness success, a solid strategy guides you to wealth creation. At Teach Me About Property, this means understanding the market, finding the right strategies to get you in property sooner, leveraging the right opportunities, and making the right compromises for long term success. Like choosing the right exercises for the desired muscle growth, you must make informed decisions about your entry into property. The biggest mistake people make though, is waiting too long to start.

Trust Your Circle

Think about the people you find at the gym; fellow attendees, personal trainers and health specialists. Similarly, Teach Me About Property is a space for you to connect with fellow property owners and investors; meet with a mentor for 1:1 support; and work with experts across the various disciplines required to buy property. Your network, or circle as we like to call it, is an important part of your process toward buying property and towards even bigger goals.

Watch Your Mindset

The journey to improving your health often requires a shift in mindset, recognising where you are and committing to change. The same is true for wealth. Accepting your current financial situation, as well as the state of the property market, is the first step towards growth. This mental shift is about embracing the reality of you can achieve, understanding the urgency of the market, and knowing that your situation can improve with time, effort, and the right strategies.

Stay Informed

Just as you the fitness industry has trends that come and go, new scientific discoveries or inventions to help improve health; so to does the market. Borrowing capacity and market conditions can be hurdles, and the goal posts can shift with the tides of The Property Clock, but it’s essential to see the opportunity and stay informed of the changes. Being in the know will help you to buy a home or invest sooner, even if modestly, and this in turn will propel you towards the property you truly desire.


Treating your wealth like your health isn’t just a metaphor—it’s a practical approach to achieving your financial and personal goals. By setting clear objectives, adopting a disciplined strategy, taking incremental steps, and maintaining a positive, resilient mindset, you’re on your way to both financial and physical fitness. Remember, the journey to the top of the mountain begins with a single step. Whether it’s a push-up or a property investment, each action you take moves you closer to your goals. So, lace up your sneakers, metaphorically speaking, and let’s start this journey to a wealthier, healthier you. Together, we’ll make it to the summit.