“Owning my own home seems so expensive and unaffordable. What if I get it wrong and lose money?”

“My biggest debt is my mortgage – I wouldn’t know where to begin or how to pay off my mortgage faster.”

“I pay a small fortune in taxes, it hurts when I look at my payslips. Reduce my tax bill and keep more money for me and my family.”

You’re looking for change, you’re doing well but are looking for more out of life. You want to become a homeowner and stop renting. You’ve had a desire to own a home for quite some time and feel now could be the time to finally make that happen. You just need some help, and you’re here today looking for answers.

Or you want to build wealth by investing in property. You own property, and have great equity, but aren’t really sure how to use that to build wealth. You’d like to know how that works, and how it can work for your family. You believe property is the answer to creating life-changing generational wealth. You know other people have done it, but, you don’t know how or where to start.

In short, you want TMAP to change your life. You want freedom, you want control, you want choices, you want predictable results, you want a world-class team who can help solve your problems. You know what you want; you’re just looking for the HOW.

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predictable life-changing results.

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Family is Everything

At Teach Me About Property, we believe family is at the centet of everything we do. We exist at the intersection of family and prosperity. Our approach to property is rooted in the understanding that a family’s home is more than just a physical space, it is a place where memories are made, where children grow, and where relationships are strengthened.

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Cause Method 5 key Pillars

  1. Your true purpose for building wealth
  2. How to set realistic financial goals and timeframes
  3. The tools you need for financial success
  4. The roles and responsibilities for good financial management in the home
  1. A range of property purchasing strategies for first-home buyers
  2. The best income replacement strategies for investors 
  3. Cashflow strategies for your household
  4. How to use your superannuation to its fullest potential
  1. Your Money Personality and how to harness your strengths
  2. How your Money Story is impacting your current financial position
  3. Financial Ground Rules to establish (for yourself and your household)
  4. How to audit your circle of influence
  1. How your mindsets shape your financial decision-making
  2. The benefits of long-term investment in the property market
  3. How to create a plan for early retirement and financial freedom
  1. The ABCs of Property (unpacking the requirements, jargon and more)
  2. The importance of financial routines and rhythm
  3. How the property market works and how to leverage it
  4. TMAP’s financial and personal growth reading recommendations