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4.9 rating of 134

It is a great experience to be surrounded by other like minded individuals who want to create a better version of themselves. And to hear testimonies from people achieving goals.

Mokoenga Tuaiti

Testimonials, education piece and deals adding to the energy always awesome and inspiring to keep my property journey going. Thank you TMAP team, Massey and Paula!!! WHY NOT!!

Annie Ausage

Good place to be if you need mentoring through the process of investing buying a house and getting your money debt accounts in order

Te Wiremu Mcgarvey

Amazing community of people who have the same journey, who have started at the same point and show you what's possible. So greatful for the TMAP family!

Theresa Maufoe

First time attending TMAP SUMMIT & can honestly say that it’s been so moving and so inspiring! It has definitely consolidated what I need to do to achieve my first home and re-ignited the fire in me to keep pushing & to not give up! PROPS TO TMAP FOR SHOWING US HOW ITS DONE AND THAT IT IS POSSIBLE 💪🏾♥️

Moria Perenise

I actually came from Brisbane to support the other half with little to no knowledge about TMAP but the wealth of knowledge I'm leaving with is inspirational! I'm converted sign me up & WHY NOT. Cheehooo!!

Dorothy Ioata