Nestled in the heart of Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, lies a suburb that embodies growth and potential: Collingwood Park. Not only is it known for its burgeoning community, but also for its lucrative property investment opportunities, making it a gem in the Australian real estate market.


Houses in Collingwood Park

  • Median Price (Dec 2022 – Nov 2023): $580,000
  • 12-Month Growth: A robust increase of 14.5%
  • 5-Year Trend: A steady climb from $300,000 in December 2018 to $580,000 in December 2022
  • Market Activity: A total of 173 houses were sold in the past year, with 40 houses available in the past month
  • Rental Yield: An impressive 4.7%
  • Median Rental Price (Dec 2022 – Nov 2023): $500 per week, marking a significant 19.0% rise over the previous year

Units: An Emerging Market

  • Median Price (Dec 2022 – Nov 2023): $305,000, showing a 25.6% decrease and indicating a buyer’s market
  • Median Rental Price (Dec 2022 – Nov 2023): $400 per week, up by 21.2% over the past year


The average age
The average age in Collingwood Park is 30 years, pointing to a young, dynamic population. This suggests, the area is ideal for long-term property investments and, moreover, will offer residents a vibrant community life.

Livability and Infrastructure


Collingwood Park is home to two quality primary schools: Collingwood Park State School and WoodLinks State School. Although it lacks secondary schools, numerous nearby options compensate for this gap, thus balancing the educational needs of the suburb.


In terms of transport, the suburb boasts efficient connectivity through the M7 Ipswich Motorway, regular bus services, and its proximity to the Redbank railway station, ensuring easy commuting.

Recreation and Environment

The suburb is home to many parks such as Dodrill Park, Goupong Park, and Banjo Patterson Park. This results in a strong community atmosphere. Additionally, being part of the SWAG Catchment area, the suburb houses diverse species and adds to its ecological charm.


Collingwood Park forms part of the Ipswich City Council. It is represented in the Federal seats of Oxley and Blair.


Overall, Collingwood Park’s continuous population growth, coupled with rising property values and rental yields, positions it as an alluring location for property investors. Furthermore, the suburb’s youthful demographic, educational facilities, and dedication to preserving its natural beauty further enhance its attractiveness as a destination promising both quality of life and lucrative investment opportunities.

For more detailed insights on Collingwood Park, delve into the comprehensive data available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Discover why this suburb isn’t just a place to invest, but a community to be part of. To this end, speak with one of our expert mentors today.