This week marks the start of the new financial year, how time flies! At Teach Me About Property (TMAP) we wanted to have a quick conversation with you, recapping the weekend, and establishing a foundation for the financial year ahead.

During the weekend, we conducted a couple of display home walkthroughs, which were amazing. Many students were looking at Low Money Down deals, aiming to get their foot in the door of the property market. However, the reality for many is that affordability drives these decisions, often resulting in the purchase of units rather than houses. Borrowing capacities are enabling people to enter the market, but compromises around the type of property are necessary.

Over the last four years, we’ve been emphasising the TMAP2STEP strategy: buying what you can afford now to get what you really want later. This approach has consistently been validated by our students. The first step may require compromises, but it sets the stage for future success. Property, unlike most other purchases, appreciates over time. You might not initially love your first property, but it can grow in value, allowing you to eventually buy the home you truly desire.

This concept makes property a unique investment. Most things you buy, such as the latest car or iPhone, depreciate in value. But property tends to increase in value, providing a solid foundation for financial growth. This weekend, we saw so much joy and excitement as we showed our students what their future could look like with their second property step.

This week, we’ll be finalising details for those who attended, helping them understand the costs and benefits. Saturday was all about dreaming and envisioning your future. When you understand what is achievable and align your actions accordingly, success follows.

Therefore, we are naming the financial year for 2024/25 “The Year of Compromise.” It’s about making strategic decisions now, even if they involve compromises, to build a better future. It’s about starting with what you can afford and leveraging that investment to achieve your dreams. If you are ready to trust in the process, get in touch with our team today.