Australia is facing an affordability crisis, the property market is booming and the cost of living is increasing. Everyday hardworking people are facing hardship they never imagined, and the dream of home ownership seems more and more difficult to achieve. That’s where TMAP’s Rent Free Bill Free Initiative comes in.

Massey Archibald, CEO and Founder of Teach Me About Property, has been predicting this market boom for years, and believes, “the next few years will see the greatest uplift in our lifetimes.” While the boom is a great opportunity for those who jumped onto the ladder early, it can be very daunting, especially with the fear being played out in the media.

But at TMAP, we focus on solutions.

This June, Teach Me About Property are launching an exciting new initiative – Rent Free Bill Free – in line with our mission to change one million lives, one family at a time.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for the last 8 years, ever since I started TMAP, and I’ve finally found a way.” noted Massey.

We aren’t the first to develop such an offer. Back in 2017, Mirvac with CSIRO and the Victorian Premiere, gave one lucky family a place to live with no rent and no power bills for a year, it changed that family’s life.

And at TMAP, we’re changing lives.

So what does six months living rent and bill free mean for families and individuals? It means a life changed. Expatistan has estimated that the current cost of living in Australia is around $4k per month for individuals and nearly $8k per month for small families. At these estimates, six months of living expenses could mean upwards of $48k toward your next property – that’s real money. That’s a game changer.

All of the finer details of this initiative will be shared and launched at TMAP’s June 2024 Property Summit – Ready, Set, BOOM – and all are welcome to attend. For students, you can register using your complimentary ticket code sent via email. For the general public, tickets can be purchased at EventBrite using the link below.