Here at Teach Me About Property, we’re in “Summit” mode, and one of the things that we love about our Summits is progressions. This is where we look at student progress, acknowledging everyone’s hard work and accomplishments since the last Summit. We go back and analyse the settlements, we look at who the new Millionaire’s Club members are. How many Millionaire’s Club members have we created in the last period? And, what have they done since?

Celebrating Achievements

Sometimes, we’re so focused on our next goal, the next mountain, that we forget to pause for a moment and celebrate. You must celebrate your own successes and congratulate yourself when you accomplish a big goal, it’s natural and you’ve earned it. Maybe you’ll take a week holiday, do some renovations around the house, buy that jacket you’ve been eyeing off. Allow yourself to splurge – within financial and time limitation – and enjoy your dedicated celebration period.

Sustainable Pace

After celebrating, then – what you also need to do – is find a sustainable pace. Once you hit that first goal – and you likely had to sprint to get there – that’s when you need to find a sustainable pace that you can hold for the rest of your life. How will you maintain your savings speed, your focus on property goals, for a long period of time? You will hustle and grind to get to property two, three, four, and so on. While that may seem far off and difficult, you will find that it gets easier and easier – to the point where the properties themselves buy more properties and fund your lifestyle. We call that the Wealth Game.

Building a Legacy

Your children will get to hang around the children of other millionaires. We call that networking; it’s conversation that our children have that may be far different than the ones we had when we were young. Children who have parents on a millionaire’s journey talk differently about property, talk differently about wealth, and most importantly, talk differently to each other. When you get your children in the room with other children of TMAP Millionaire’s, they’re learning the same lessons. That is how we change the future of your family forever. That is how we build a legacy together.