There’s a whirlwind of activity brewing here at TMAP. From last-minute registrations to deep dives into market trends, the Teach Me About Property (TMAP) Summit promises an exciting mix of highlights for first home buyers and property investors alike.

Estate Planning: A Critical Step

As portfolios grow and assets accumulate, the importance of estate planning becomes glaringly evident. Picture this: you’ve gone from dreaming about your first property to managing a multimillion-dollar portfolio. With such wealth comes the responsibility of ensuring its secure transfer to future generations. Estate planning emerges as a mission-critical aspect of wealth management, offering the peace of mind that your hard-earned assets are safeguarded for the future.

Friday night at the Summit will include a chance to Meet the Ecosystem. Speak with our team of experts about your plans for your assets, protect yourself and your legacy.

Deciphering the Market Booms

Amidst the excitement of burgeoning portfolios, it’s crucial to decipher the signs of a market boom. What are the telltale characteristics of a booming property market? How can investors discern whether they’re riding the wave of a lucrative boom or merely experiencing a temporary surge? These questions will take centre stage as experts at the TMAP summit offer insights into identifying and capitalising on market booms.

Historically, our summits have included a number of guest speakers with the insight and analytic minds to help us make evidenced predictions about the future of the market.

Navigating Property Opportunities

Armed with a deeper understanding of market dynamics, investors are poised to seize opportunities in burgeoning property markets. At the summit, attendees will embark on a journey through the labyrinth of market data, uncovering hidden gems and strategic investment avenues. With expert guidance from industry stalwarts like PA Realty, attendees will gain invaluable insights into lucrative deals and promising opportunities on the horizon.

Only those in the room will have access to the exclusive property deals that PA Realty will present. You have to register to attend, or feel the fear of missing out.


As the countdown to the TMAP summit ticks away, anticipation mounts among first home buyers and property investors eager to unlock the secrets of estate planning, market booms, and data-driven investment opportunities. For those navigating the complex landscape of property investment, the summit promises to be a beacon of knowledge and opportunity, guiding them towards greater financial success and security.