As we gear up for our TMAP Property Summit, we want to dive into one of the crucial topics of the event; the imminent property market boom and why time is your most important asset during this phase.

Why Time Matters in a Boom

One of the key messages we want to convey is the importance of time during a boom. Many people fall into the trap of waiting, thinking they’ll make a move in a few months. This, however, can be a costly mistake.

If property prices are increasing every month, waiting means you’ll end up paying more. Essentially, by delaying, you’re guaranteeing higher costs for the properties you want to buy. This isn’t just a theoretical concept; it’s a reality we’re seeing play out month after month.

When it comes to acquiring property, time is not your friend. If you’re in the acquisition phase, you need to move quickly to achieve your goals. Waiting only ensures that you’ll pay more for the same properties. Time is your friend only when you already own property and let the market do the heavy lifting.

The Boom Cycle: Where Are We Now?

Since the last market bottomed out, we’ve seen a significant rise in property prices. This isn’t just a short-term trend; we’ve experienced 16 consecutive months of property price growth. Month after month, prices have been climbing, creating a consistent pattern of ascendancy.

At the summit, we’ll discuss the expectations for the property market from now until 2027. Spoiler alert: things are looking up, and it’s crucial to understand what this means for you.

Learning from Mistakes

We also want to provide clarity on your journey in the property market. Understanding common mistakes at different stages can help you avoid them. Remember, a smart person learns from their mistakes, but a wise person learns from the mistakes of others.

We’ll help you create clarity around your journey in the property market. Knowing the number one mistake people make at different stages can significantly impact your success. Our goal is to ensure you don’t repeat these mistakes.

As we prepare for the summit, keep these points in mind. The property market is on an upward trajectory, and time is a crucial factor. Don’t wait and end up paying more; act now and make the most of the current market conditions. We look forward to discussing this in more detail at the summit and helping you succeed on your property journey.