Can you believe it’s winter already? That’s right, it is June. We’re halfway through the year, and the cold has arrived… but still things are heating up in the Queensland property market. Sit up, listen up, grab your coffee, your hot drink – whatever gets you going for the day – and pay attention.

The Changing of the Guard

Historically, Sydney has always been number one in terms of median property values, with Canberra often taking the second spot. However, as of May 2024, there has been a significant shift. Sydney is still holding strong at number one, but Brisbane has now overtaken Canberra to become the city with the second-highest median property values.

Brisbane’s Rising Market

The median property value in Brisbane is now $843,231. This makes Brisbane the second most expensive city in Australia in terms of median property values.

But let’s rewind a bit to fully appreciate this shift. Back in July 2017, the gap between property values in Sydney and Brisbane was a whopping 82.7%. Essentially, you could buy a property in Brisbane for almost half the price of one in Sydney.

Fast forward to today, and that gap has narrowed significantly. The difference in property values between Sydney and Brisbane is now only 37.1%. This trend indicates that Brisbane’s property market is on fire and continuing to gain momentum.

Real Estate Boom in Brisbane

At the last Property Summit we had exclusive deals in Queensland, with the price for land and house packages around $619,000 to $629,000. Today, those same properties are valued at $719,000. That’s a $100,000 increase! Investors who took action and invested early have seen substantial returns, some of our students secured those deals for as little as $5,000! This underscores a key point: Action takers are moneymakers.

Opportunities Await

The hard data supports our position: Brisbane’s property market is thriving, and opportunities are abundant. If you’ve been hesitating or unsure about investing, it’s time to take action. The market is moving with or without you. Are you going to be a part of it as a player or just a spectator?

The Queensland market is buzzing with activity and potential. With Brisbane now leading the charge as the second most expensive city in Australia, there’s never been a better time to get involved. So, what are you waiting for? Make those life-changing decisions and become part of this exciting journey.

We can’t wait to see you taking action and making big moves with us.