One of the major challenges facing families at the moment is borrowing capacity. Many families are being impacted by this, primarily due to higher interest rates. This situation is pushing down everyone’s borrowing capacity, making it harder for people to transact, buy property, and secure the funds they need. Teach Me About Property students, in particular, have been adversely affected by interest rates in terms of their borrowing capacity.

Coping with Limited Borrowing Capacity

So, what do you do when your borrowing capacity is limited? It can be disheartening, but that’s exactly why we created our TMAP 2 Step strategy. The key is to buy what you can afford now, to get what you really want later. No matter what your financial situation is, there’s always something you can do with it.

However, a tough pill to swallow is that sometimes, this means you won’t get your ideal property immediately. For many, especially first-time homeowners, this is a challenging realisation. You might have to buy a property with less rooms, or you may need to move to a different location if you can’t afford to buy where you currently are. This can bring about limiting beliefs around lifestyle challenge, especially if it involves moving away from your children’s school or your place of work.

Making Difficult Decisions

You have to make a decision. If your kids are going to be in school for the next 12 years or you intend to stay at your current workplace for the foreseeable future, do you rent in the same location to maintain stability, or do you buy a home and move? Sometimes, overcomplicating decision-making is unnecessary. It boils down to whether you move your kids to another school and take a longer commute to work or rent for the next 12 years. Waiting until 2036 to buy a property is too long. Your true friends will understand and support your move; it’s not just moving house, it’s about moving forward in life.

Embracing Change and New Opportunities

Having conversations about school changes is interesting. Some people have never moved schools, while others have experienced multiple school changes. The positive aspect of creating change is that it helps kids adapt to new environments, which is an essential life skill.

As a parent, you’re faced with a decision. If your kids love their current school, you need to decide whether to stay and rent or move and possibly change their school. This might mean adjusting to public transport for school commutes. The real decision is whether you want to keep renting or own a property.

The Path to Property Ownership

Remember, you property ownership is a journey and education helps people to build wealth through it. That won’t happen if you keep renting. Sacrifice is a necessary part of the process. You might need to move your kids to a school in an area you can afford, or adopt a longer commute to work. This decision is crucial for your family.


Ultimately, you need to decide whether renting or owning is your goal. Once you make that decision, you must embrace the changes that come with it. Owning property may require shifts and changes in your life, but it’s part of the journey. Your kids will make new friends, and they’ll adapt to new schools. All you need to do is have an open and honest conversation with your family, so everyone agrees on the next steps. If you’re committed to this path, Teach Me About Property can help you get to the top of the mountain.