You can view finances in terms of seasons, and it’s important for us to understand them.

Summer is the good days, there’s cash around, it’s good, you’re getting paid, nothing but good times.

Autumn is when you can feel that good time starting to come to an end. The analogy we use is that it’s like being at a dance and the last song is still playing, the music still going, but you know the music’s about to stop. That’s what autumn is.

Spring, spring comes after winter.

Winter is the tough times, it’s the dark clouds. People talk about how you must save for a rainy day and here’s the truth – winter always comes. Winter is coming and when it comes, families can get massively disadvantaged because of tough times that happen in winter; but when you know it’s not about winter and that bad times always come, you realize that it’s actually about what you do in summer. It’s about how you play the game when you have everything going for you.

How you treat your money, how you interact with your money, in the season of summer will determine how you get through winter.

Wise financial decisions in times of abundance is actually the greatest challenge of our time because the problem for most people is, in summer, they act like it’s never going to rain.

When they have good times, they make financial decisions like those are the only times that ever come in life. It’s not true, Winter will come and how your family feels and what happens to the relationships in the home through that winter period, will be a directly influenced as an outcome of how they played the game when the sun was shining in summer. 

We want nothing but love for you and your family but here’s the thing, winter always breaks, and then spring comes the snow melts, and summers on its way.

Play the games in the season like you want all seasons to be good times for you and your family. If you want to know how to do that, you want to grow, you want to do better with your finances, let’s keep talking.

Seasonality refers to the pattern of fluctuations in your financial activity (such as spending and saving) that occurs within a given year. These fluctuations can be due to many factors, such as changes in your behaviour, the weather patterns or seasons, any holidays, special events or unforeseen expenses.

Improving personal finances is an ongoing process that requires careful planning and action throughout the year.