Last year, Massey Archibald, founder and CEO of Teach Me About Property, shared insightful perspectives on overcoming barriers with property investment strategies. He spoke with the Australian Property Investment Podcast and his conversation with Aaron-Christie David is a must-read for anyone looking to dive into the property market or expand their portfolio. Here’s a breakdown of his key insights.

Waiting for the Market to Fall is Not the Strategy

Be in the Market, Not Outside It

Archibald emphasises that waiting for property prices to fall is a common but flawed strategy. He argues that the real strategy is to be active in the market. Waiting for the market to fall can result in missed opportunities and tighter lending conditions as banks become more cautious in less lucrative markets. Many wait for the perfect time to buy, but this often leads to a cycle of fear and inaction, especially if the market starts to fall.

“Those that are waiting for the market to fall, that is not the strategy. The strategy is to get into the market, buy property, hold and buy more”​​.

You’ll Never Make Money Off the Deal You Don’t Do

Take Action to Gain

Archibald strongly believes that real estate investment requires action. He highlights that missing out on deals means missing out on both potential profits and valuable learning experiences. Involvement in property deals provides education and experience, which is lost when you abstain from participating.

“You’ll never make money off the deal you don’t do and you miss the opportunity for education in the process”​​.

Buy What You Can Afford Now, To Get What You Really Want Later

Start Small, Dream Big

Massey advises starting with what you can afford. He terms this approach a “stepping stone” strategy, suggesting that your first investment paves the way for future, more significant investments. Begin with a property within your means, which sets the foundation for acquiring your ideal home in the future. He stresses the importance of humble beginnings and gradual progress towards your dream property. The journey is as important as the destination.

“There’s nothing wrong with buying what you can afford now to get what you really want later”​​.

Massey Archibald’s approach to property investment combines practicality with ambition. He encourages taking steps now, however small, to secure a better financial future. His message is clear: be active in the market, start with achievable goals, and work your way up. It’s not just about making money; it’s about making smart decisions that lead to long-term wealth and stability. Talk to Massey and his team about starting your property journey today.