At Teach Me About Property (TMAP), we’re proud to be a comprehensive “one-stop property shop”—some might even call us a personal assistant for property buyers, an aggregator, or a property coach. With over 1600 families and individuals assisted on their property journey, we’ve seen incredible success stories. However, our competitors sometimes label us a scam. Here are five reasons why they might think that, even though they’re wrong.

1. They Haven’t Had to Work Hard Like Our Students Do

Our competitors often come from backgrounds where success was handed to them on a silver platter. They’ve never had to hustle like our students, who are putting in the hard work to achieve their dreams. At TMAP, we believe in the value of dedication and persistence, regardless of your money story or upbringing. Our students know the satisfaction of earning their success through sheer effort and determination.

2. They Don’t Understand the Challenges of Being Time-Poor

Many of our students are juggling full-time jobs, family responsibilities, side hustles and personal commitments. Our competitors, however, might not grasp the realities of being time-poor. They fail to appreciate how we tailor our support and guidance to fit into our students’ busy lives, providing flexible and accessible resources to make property investment achievable for everyone. Providing an easy to follow process and easy access to an ecosystem of experts – solicitors, brokers, property managers – to lessen the time burden of buying property.

3. They Lack the Team Spirit We Foster

At TMAP, we believe in the power of team and community. We foster a collaborative environment where students can rely on each other for support, advice, and motivation. Our competitors might not understand this sense of community and teamwork because they operate in isolation. We thrive on creating a network of like-minded individuals who lift each other up – shifting from a poverty or comfort game mindset to one of wealth.

4. They Have the Resources Many Everyday People Don’t

Our competitors often have access to resources and opportunities that the average person can only dream of. They forget that most people don’t have unlimited funds or insider knowledge. TMAP bridges this gap by providing affordable, practical advice and strategies that everyday people can use to succeed in property investment.

5. They’re Already Experts in What We Teach

It’s easy for our competitors to dismiss us when they’re already experts in property investment. But for many of our students, the concepts we teach are new and transformative. Our mission is to make complex property strategies accessible to everyone, regardless of their prior knowledge. That’s why we developed The CAUSE Method over eight years; our proprietary framework for buying and thriving in the property market. We take pride in turning beginners into confident homeowners, and homeowners into confident investors.

At TMAP, we understand that our approach might not be for everyone, especially those who’ve had a different path to success. But for the everyday person looking to make smart property investments, we provide the tools, support, and community needed to achieve their goals. So, while our competitors might call us a scam, we’re busy helping real people create real wealth through property.