As we step into 2024, the Australian property market continues to evolve, presenting unique hotspots and opportunities for homebuyers and investors. New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia, each offer potential for growth. From Sydney’s resilient market to Brisbane’s rising demand and Perth’s high returns, these regions are poised to be property hotspots. Let’s delve into the specifics of each area, uncovering why they stand out in Australia’s vibrant real estate landscape.

New South Wales: Resilience and Regional Opportunities

In 2024, New South Wales, particularly Sydney, is expected to remain a key area for property investments. Despite economic challenges like high interest rates, the NSW property market has shown resilience. Certain areas in Sydney have also demonstrated exceptional growth. This is largely due to sustained demand for homes bolstering property values last year. Additionally, the diversity within the Sydney market means some segments outperform others. Teach Me About Property mentors keep their fingers on the pulse, so we know the Western regions are likely to see remarkable growth in both houses and units. Even in regional suburbs there are strong performers, offering opportunities for investment outside the capital city​​​​.

Queensland: Strong Demand and Price Expectations

Queensland, particularly Brisbane, is set to be one of the strongest housing markets in 2024. After significant price rises post 2020, Brisbane’s housing market has been on an upward trajectory. The city has surpassed previous peaks, and if this growth continues, it could see substantial results for investors. Brisbane’s property market, especially in areas like West and South Brisbane, is primed for investment opportunities. The city’s property market is characterised by a strong demand for quality homes and investment-grade properties, making it a hotspot for both homebuyers and investors​​.

Western Australia: High Growth and Good Returns

In Western Australia, Perth’s housing market has been particularly dynamic, with a significant increase in property values. October saw the highest monthly gain since March 2021. The city is grappling with a supply and demand imbalance, with listings significantly below the five-year average and sales activity above average. This scenario means continued price increases through 2024. Perth’s property market is thus an attractive option for those looking to invest in a growing market with a strong potential for returns.


Informed decisions and strategic planning are key to capitalising on the opportunities in these states. Whether you’re eyeing your first home or your next investment property, expert guidance is essential. A Teach Me About Property (TMAP) mentor can tailor a path to your unique situation, leveraging opportunities, and navigating the market. To explore these promising regions and align your property goals with the current market trends, connect with a TMAP mentor today.