At TMAP, we are thrilled to see our predictions from the summit align with actual market reports. In this blog, we discuss trends and future market movements, bringing these forecasts to life. Here are the latest happenings in the Sydney property market and what they mean for you.

Sydney House Price Surge

The Australian Financial Review recently predicted that Sydney house prices will increase by $132,000 by this time next year. This aligns perfectly with our summit forecast about a significant increase in Sydney’s median house price, which is expected to continue over the next three years.

Schofields Market Analysis

Many TMAP students have acquired properties in Schofields using the TMAP2STEP strategy. This approach has led to a notable increase in property values. According to CoreLogic, the median unit price in Schofields in 2024 is now $776,697. In 2024, there have been 263 unit sales in Schofields, with capital growth at the median based on these sales being 20.04% over twelve months.

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Houses vs. Units in Schofields

Looking at houses in Schofields, the median house price is $1,279,195. In 2024, there have been 205 house sales in Schofields, with a capital growth increase of 10.91%. Our prediction that unit growth would be higher by percentage than house growth is playing out live in the market. This results in a 20% increase for units and 10% for houses, effectively doubling the percentage increase for units.

What This Means for TMAP Students

This trend is particularly important for students who have used or are considering the TMAP2STEP strategy. We anticipated that units would increase by a higher percentage than houses, and this is now evident in the market. Post-COVID, house prices in Schofields have increased by 60% since 2020, compared to a 25% increase for units. However, the gap is closing, and we are witnessing this live in the marketplace.

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