Investing in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) presents a unique opportunity for property investors to contribute to a vital social cause (NDIS) while also achieving a sustainable return on investment. Understanding the standards that SDA dwellings must meet, the pricing framework, and how to connect with potential tenants are key elements for success in this niche market.

SDA Dwelling Standards

Firstly, SDA dwellings must adhere to specific standards to ensure suitability for NDIS participants. Providers need to have their properties certified against SDA design standards. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is moving towards a system with third-party assessors to streamline certification and ensure compliance, especially important for financiers​​. For a dwelling to be enrolled with the NDIA, it must be fully constructed with a certificate of occupancy issued. Providers must also meet quality and safeguard requirements, including compliance with state or territory building codes and laws.

Maximising Investment through SDA Price Limits

Secondly, the pricing for SDA is designed to cover costs associated with vacancy and tenancy management, and payments for vacancies are available under certain conditions​​. As an investor, it’s crucial to understand these price limits and consider ‘future proofing’ your investment. This means designing and developing SDA properties that can adapt to various uses, potentially appealing to different markets like aged care or general housing, to mitigate vacancy risks.

Connecting with SDA Tenants

Thirdly, finding the right tenants for your SDA property involves utilising a range of advertising methods. The NDIA encourages using platforms like the NDIA’s provider finder, local networks, your organisation’s website, web-based platforms for vacancy exploration, and connections with local support coordinators​​. Large providers might have dedicated teams for vacancy management, mirroring more centralised state systems. Additionally, you can engage third parties like real estate agents to manage tenancies and vacancies.


Investing in SDA is not just a financial decision; it’s a socially responsible venture that can bring significant rewards. By understanding and adhering to the required standards, strategically managing your investment with the right pricing approach, and effectively connecting with potential tenants, you can make a meaningful contribution to the lives of NDIS participants.

Ready to explore the potential of SDA investment? Speak to a Teach Me About Property expert to dive deeper into this unique investment opportunity. To learn more direct from the NDIS, check out their SDA Pricing Guides for more.